Bun Bo Nam Bo vs Bun Bo Hue

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

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Bun Bo Nam Bo is also called as stir-fried beef noodles in South Vietnam. It is mainly a noodle dish, served specifically with marinated beef stir-fried until tender and juicy.

Despite its huge popularity, the chief origin of Bun Bo Nam Bo is still not clear. The name suggests its roots from the southern region as Bun means “noodles”, Bo denotes “Beef” and Nam Bo simply means “the land of Cochinchina”.

Additionally, the dish is considered among the must-haves in South Vietnam and can be served as a main course for any meal of the day.

Main Differences between Hue-style noodles versus Southern

There are two distinct versions of the dish. One from the southern region of the country whereas, the other one is commonly known as Bun Bo Hue, is found in Hue. Given below is a contrast of both the versions.


The climate of the Southern region is warm and the soil is fertile, thus enabling optimum yield from several vegetables, fruits, and livestock. Moreover, due to this attribute, the food is sweeter and richer in flavor. Additionally, people of Southern are commonly known to have increased use of sugar in their foods contrary to the other regions of the same country. The Hue-style, however, has increased usage of black pepper rendering a more spicy touch to the food. The cuisine from this region is comparatively balanced and light in aroma and flavor.


In the Hue region, Bun Bo Hue is served with pork feet alongside the basic noodles soup. On the other hand, Southern Bun Bo Nam Bo is traditionally a bun alongside sautéed beef.


In the Northern Hue, the broth is mainly tomato-based. Contrarily, Bun Bo Nam Bo is traditionally eaten with spiced fish sauce.


The traditional Bun Bo Nam Bo comprises of vermicelli noodles whereas, the Hue version uses vermicelli noodles commonly found in Vietnam.


The general distinction of the Southern and Hue-style in terms of spices can easily be seen in this dish. While like most southern cuisines, Bun Bo Nam Bo is sweeter and is combined with sour fish sauce. On the other hand, Bun Hue is relatively spicier than most other Vietnamese soups.

Which Version is Preferable?

Both the versions i.e., Hue and Southern-style have their distinct aroma, characteristics, and unique flavor. One needs to try both to decide his/her preference. At a famous Vietnamese place called “Thien Ly”, Bun Bo Nam Bo is traditionally served as a generous combination of raw vegetables, onion, and papaya. Moreover, it incorporates specific aromatics such as citronella and dry fruits such as peanuts. The dish is also accompanied by a signature sweet fish sauce.

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